Voxpay Live, PCI-DSS certified platform, integrates into a telephone conversation and secures payment seamlessly.

Voxpay facilitates PCI-DSS compliance of a customer relations center. We secure sensitive consumer data, increase trust and protect your business without compromising the functioning of your call center.

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During a telephone conversation with a call center agent, the bank account details are not communicated orally to the third party, but entered by the customer using their telephone keypad (DTMF) or via a payment form received by SMS or Email.

The call center agent monitors the transaction in real time thanks to the voxpay Live interface available to him. He does not hear or see the sensitive data of his customers.

During the entire transaction procedure, the consumer and the call center agent can always communicate. Thanks to the feedback of information in real time, the call center agent can guide his consumer.

Payment assisted by an Agent

The agent initiates each step of entering bank account details and monitors the transaction in real time thanks to a dedicated interface.
The consumer enters his bank account details using the keypad on his telephone (DTMF). Voxpay intercepts the sound of DTMFs entered by the consumer and masks it from the agent.
In the event of failure during a stage or during a validation of the payment, the reason is detected then notified to the agent, who can then intervene (incorrect entry, bank limit reached, etc.).
Payment is made seamlessly, the agent and the customer continue to talk

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SMS payment link

Payment assisted by SMS or Email

During a telephone communication, at the time of payment, the agent can initiate a payment by sending an SMS or an email.
The consumer receives the SMS or email with the secure payment link. The consumer enters his bank account details in a secure payment form.
During the payment procedure, all input events are reported to the agent. The agent and the customer continue to talk throughout the payment process.

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Interactive Voice Response Server for Payment

At the time of payment, the agent redirects his consumer to a secure interactive voice response server.
The consumer is guided by an automatic call machine for the payment procedure.
The agent observes the progress of the customer entering bank account details.
In the event of a problem noted during the entry, he can take back the call at any time

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No break in the channel

The agent integrates the payment terminal into the call, and initiates the various steps to enter the bank account details from the interface. The customer then carries out the transaction in complete confidentiality, guided by the agent, who sees encrypted bank account details on his interface.

Less pressure on call center agents

Your telephone platform is out of the PCI-DSS scope. The monitoring of your employees who could be in contact with bank account details is thus reduced. More agents available to take payments


Vos contacts peuvent être réticents à l’idée de communiquer leurs coordonnées bancaires au téléphone. Quelque soit le mode de saisie choisi, aucune coordonnées bancaire n’est affichée au téléopérateur. Mettre en confiance vos contacts au moment de payer n’a jamais été aussi simple.

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PCI-DSS solution

Whatever the remote payment process chosen, the voxpay solution is PCI-DSS certified, for transactions carried out in complete security.

tokenization card subscription

Subscription - Tokenization

Once the bank account details have been received via one of the Voxpay secure channels, you can initiate direct debits from your customers. Voxpay takes care of everything.

3DS 3D-Secure


Depending on the payment process chosen, activate the 3D-Secure option. 3D-Secure adds an extra level of security by asking the buyer to provide a password before finalizing their online transaction.

Integrated with all payment systems and banks

The flexibility of voxpay allows you to use your existing bank or payment partner. Voxpay is connected to most banks and payment service providers.

CRM integration

Our plugins and flexible API allow you to easily interface voxpay to your CRM or business tools.

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