À distance ou en proximité, encaissez vos paiements en toute sécurité et conformité PCI DSS.

Choose our omni-channel secure remote payment solutions and transform your telephone conversations into a real sales channel thanks to our platform, the most flexible on the market

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Digitalize your business without a website!

Accept payments with ease.

The first secure payment card payment terminal integrated directly into your telephone conversations

With Voxpay, your customers no longer need to communicate their payment card number over the phone. Our Voxpay solution integrates naturally and seamlessly, and accepts all payment cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Amex, channel during an exchange between a contact and an agent, while preserving the confidentiality of bank account details in a PCI-DSS certified environment. The agent does not see or hear sensitive payment data. Save time, immediate conversion, and easy to use

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Control interface

Give your contact confidence when making a payment. Integrated by API into your business software and connected to the CRM tools of your IS, the Voxpay agent interface allows you to integrate the payment terminal during a conversation, to monitor the progress of the bank transaction carried out confidentially by the contact, and to send the receipt for the operation.

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Campaign manager

Collect payments with a 100% standalone PCI-DSS certified SMS, email, or voice push solution. A large volume of customers to collect from? A basket reminder unprocessed? Encourage a customer to renew a subscription? You have multiple reasons to integrate Voxpay into your activity to optimize your business processes.

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PCI-DSS 3.2 level 1 certified: make the difference during a call for tenders

Holder of PCI-DSS 3.2 level 1 certification, the most demanding standard in terms of security for the transfer of bank data, Voxpay goes beyond simple PCI-DSS compliance, or 'PCI-DSS compliance' for its technical infrastructure and telecom.

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Integrate Voxpay into your CRM with APIs

Take advantage of PCI-DSS certification by using white label Voxpay with your traditional CRM tools and business software. Thanks to the REST APIs, Voxpay adapts to the organization of your IS.

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Multi-Bank, Multi-PSP

Voxpay is compatible with most banks and payment service providers. Our universal API allows you to interconnect with most payment systems.

An innovative solution that adapts to each activity.

Call center

Give your telemarketers the opportunity to close the sale seamlessly.


Free yourself from time-consuming and costly phone reminders

Press and Media Subscription

Optimize your re-subscription strategy and increase your retention rate.


Optimize the management of your financial flows thanks to our automated reminder and smart payment solutions.

Political Association and Organization

Develop or renew contact with your members.

E-commerce merchant

Give your abandoned or unprocessed baskets a second chance.

Trader, travelling profession

Wherever you are, collect a payment without a payment terminal or Internet connection.

Hotel, Travel Agency

Have instalments settled directly by phone with complete peace of mind.

Integrate Voxpay at all levels of your financial and marketing strategy


With Voxpay, avoid the major obstacle involved in distance selling. No bank account details will be communicated to the agent. You can offer your contact the most confidential secure solution there is.


Voice push, SMS push, etc. With Voxpay, you can contact a large volume of contacts while allowing them to pay immediately with complete security via the secure voice server, or to call back a dedicated number after time to consider.


Are your customers coming to the end of their subscription commitment? Our PLC call solution can trigger a scheduled reminder call with integrated POS from an event such as an end of contract date.


Take advantage of the mobile phone as the best existing contact channel to remind a customer who has expressed an interest in your product thanks to our call-retargeting technology with integrated voice POS.


With Voxpay, send your payment request by a call with integrated voice POS or by sending an SMS redirecting to our secure payment web interface.


Are you suffering from unpaid debts? Improve your DSO with the Voxpay voice push or SMS campaign solution with integrated POS, the optimal solution to reduce your average payment time.

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