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Automatisez vos campagnes d'abonnement ou réabonnement presse et média

Set up automated call campaigns to encourage your customers to renew their contract while allowing them to pay the amount immediately on Voxpay's secure payment terminal.

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A solution to maintain and develop your clientele

With Voxpay tools, optimize your retention strategy and remind your subscribers automatically by phone at the end of their commitment. Also take advantage of our solutions to carry out automated promotional campaigns with payment option.

Subscription renewal a phone call away

With a simple phone call, a message on the answering machine, or even by an SMS, your customers can renew their subscription through our secure voice server.

Optimize your marketing strategy

Add our voice and SMS solutions to your retention or promotion strategy to optimize your conversion rates. Thanks to our APIs, you can connect our technologies to your CRM data.

Cost optimization

Reduce your costs with our automated solutions. You can configure a specific campaign (exceptional promotion, etc.) or trigger a call from an event such as the end-date of the subscription commitment.

PCI-DSS solution

Whatever the remote payment process chosen, the Voxpay solution is PCI-DSS certified, for transactions carried out in complete security.

Subscription - Tokenization

Une fois les coordonnées bancaires réceptionnées via un des canaux sécurisés Voxpay, vous pouvez initier des prélèvements sur vos clients. Voxpay s occupe de tout.


En fonction de la cinématique de paiement choisie, activez l option 3D-Secure. Le 3D Secure ajoute un niveau de sécurité supplémentaire en demandant à l acheteur de fournir un mot de passe avant de finaliser sa transaction en ligne.

VAD account of your choice

The flexibility of Voxpay allows you to use your bank, that of your end customer, or current payment partner. Voxpay is connected to most banks and payment service providers. Full integration of our solution with your customer's payment API is also possible.

Tailor-made back office interface

With your dedicated interface on our platform, monitor transactions, call outcomes, and all the statistics useful to your business.

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